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Piedmont Counseling Center Closing

Our team at Piedmont Counseling Center will be going through a transition in May, 2022.  Ms. Staley, Mr. Benson and Mr. Hunt will continue working at the same location, but will be working under the auspices of Kernersville Counseling Center.  If you are a current patient of Mr. Benson or Mr. Hunt, there will be no change to your location or the services you receive.  Mr. Riffell is now working at Awakenings Counseling in Greensboro, NC.   Dr. Spriggs has left private practice to focus on other aspects of his career as a psychologist.  

Our team has very much enjoyed serving the people of the Piedmont Triad area through our Kernersville location.  Fortunately, these services will continue.  They will be offered under the auspices of Kernersville Counseling Center in Kernersville, NC and Awakenings Counseling in Greensboro, NC.  For more information, we encourage you to Google “Kernersville Counseling Center Kernersville, NC”, and “Awakenings Counseling Greensboro, NC” to learn more about these practices and to contact them if you desire.  

Piedmont Counseling Center’s website and phone number will remain active through August, 2022, but we will not respond to new requests for counseling services.  If you are an existing or previous patient at Piedmont Counseling Center, please contact us at 336-293-7406 and we will be glad to help you.

Thank you.