Piedmont Counseling Center is staffed by competent and compassionate mental health professionals, including a psychologist, a licensed professional counselor, a licensed clinical social worker, and a pastoral counselor. Our clinicians are caring, attentive, and completely focused on providing exceptional service to each patient. Each clinician is experienced and our team represents a variety of specialty areas. Together, we are well equipped to serve many outpatient mental health needs and we hope we will have the opportunity of serving you. Scheduling an appointment with us is easy. Call us at 336-293-7406.



We all struggle at times in our lives. We experience painful transitions and losses, stress at work, at home, and in our relationships. These challenges can leave us feeling depressed and anxious, wondering how we can experience happiness and peace again.
If you are looking for support as you face life’s challenges, you’re in the right place. Our mission is to relieve suffering and promote wellness in the lives of the people we have the privilege of serving.



Why People Seek Our Help

Piedmont Counseling Center is located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Kernersville is centrally located in the Piedmont Triad, and is less than 30 minutes away for most people in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point. Some people drive much further distances and come from locations such as Mt. Airy, Clemmons, and Mocksville. While the time on the road is not convenient, they have found working with a mental health professional who is the right fit is more than worth the additional commute time.

People come to Piedmont Counseling Center for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common issues we help people with include:


Our Team and Treatment Methods

No one clinician is able to help each person or specialize in all areas. Some patients prefer someone who is more outgoing, and others prefer someone more reserved. Our team includes professionals with a variety of personalities and specialty areas.
Our staff includes a psychologist, a social worker, a licensed professional counselor, and a pastoral counselor. We approach our work with high levels of professionalism and utilize current research in proving mental health services that are effective. We are diverse in our backgrounds and training, but unified in dedication to our mission of serving people.

Some of our treatment methods include:


Piedmont Counseling Center History

We are happy you want to learn more about Piedmont Counseling Center! A number of years ago, Dr. Spriggs attempted to find a counselor for a family member and was surprised with his experience. Finding a counselor was not easy. He had difficulty reaching a counselor and many did not return his call and left voicemails unanswered. The counselors who did call back were not always clear about their methods or whether or not they would be a good fit.

Piedmont Counseling Center was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing mental health services with excellence and making these services easily accessible and friendly. Piedmont Counseling Center is home to caring staff who are licensed, competent, prompt, and responsive to individuals seeking our services. Our administrative staff were selected not only for their office skills, but also due to their warm personality and desire to help people.

Piedmont Counseling Center’s first office opened in North Winston-Salem in 2013. Piedmont Counseling Center moved to Kernersville in 2016. While we have grown steadily and added team members over the years, our mission continues to be focused making a positive difference in the lives our patients. Our tagline, renewed minds, restored relationships, transformed lives, speaks to our professional identity and calling in serving people.

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