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Piedmont Counseling Center staff

why people choose pcc

Find the counselor who is right for you

No one clinician is able to help each person or specialize in all areas. Some patients prefer someone who is more outgoing, and others prefer someone more reserved. Our team includes professionals with a variety of personalities and specialty areas.

We approach our work with high levels of professionalism and utilize current research in proving mental health services that are effective. We are diverse in our backgrounds and training, but unified in dedication to our mission of serving people.

Administrative Staff

Our administrative team takes care of many behind the scenes jobs at PCC that are necessary to keep our practice running, such as scheduling, finances, and staffing.

Dave Spriggs, licensed psychologist

Dr. Jerry (Dave) Spriggs, Psy.D.

Dr. Spriggs is the owner and founded PCC in 2013 and is responsible for leading our team. He continues to see patients, but there is often a waitlist, so he is not always able to see new patients.

Choosing the mental health professional who will serve you best is extremely important in meeting your goals. Choosing the right person isn’t as simple as looking at your therapist’s work history or education. Although your therapist’s qualifications are important, it is also very important that you feel comfortable working with your therapist.

Anne Staley

Anne Staley is our office administrator. She is the person that will be answering your calls to schedule an appointment and answer any questions you may have regarding coming to counseling. The decision to come to counseling tends to make some people apprehensive. She hopes to make your therapy experience as comfortable for you as possible. She really enjoys encouraging and talking with people and helping with any concerns you may have. She also handles the billing and insurance. You may contact her directly at any time to get answers to your questions.

2020-12-22 - anne staley

Elizabeth cid

Elizabeth Cid is a receptionist at Piedmont Counseling Center and has been part of our team since 2018. She generally takes calls on Mondays, but may also help on other days as well. Elizabeth is bilingual and has excellent communication skills with both English and Spanish.

Clinical Staff

Our administrative team takes care of many behind the scenes jobs at PCC that are necessary to keep our practice running, such as scheduling, finances, and staffing.

David Benson

Mr. David Benson, LCSW is a Trauma/PTSD specialist. He is skilled in EMDR and Hypnosis Therapy. He works with military veterans as well as civilian patients. He offers counseling for a variety of issues including PTSD, trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and grief. He offers marriage/couples counseling as well as children beginning at age 11.
2019-06-15 10.06.16 - David Benson

Terence Hunt

Mr. Terence Hunt is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with over 20 years of experience. He offers Christian counseling, marriage/couples counseling and family counseling. He also offers counseling with teenagers 13-17 years of age. Mr. Hunt is able to help with a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, grief and trauma. He also works with military veterans.

Counseling Interns

PCC provides clinical training for graduate students each year. Our goal is to generally have two counseling interns per training period as this provides the best training experience for the counseling interns. Counseling interns have completed the required graduate courses and have been approved by their graduate school for clinical training. They receive a minimum of one hour of clinical supervision per week at PCC and additional clinical training through their school.

Training new healthcare providers is a responsibility all healthcare providers share. We are very careful at PCC to ensure that our counseling interns are equipped to serve our patients well.

One of the benefits to having counseling intern is that it enables us to provide quality counseling services at no charge to patients who would otherwise not be able to afford this service. Current interns are listed below, or click the button to read more about free counseling.

Nicole Arnn

Hello! My name is Nicole Arnn and I am a student in the master’s degree program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Liberty University in the final year of my graduate studies. I am a counseling student intern with Piedmont Counseling Center.

I provide counseling services under the supervision of Dr. Spriggs.  In my internship, I have seen a variety of clients.  It has been fulfilling to help people recover from challenges.  

Piedmont Counseling Center Staff.

Monteous Cheeley

My name is Monteous Cheely. My first name is pronounced Mun tee us and my last name is pronounced Chee Lee. I am a counseling intern at Piedmont Counseling Center and Dr. Spriggs is my supervisor.  I am a North Carolinian by way of Georgia for the past 17 years. I received my Bachelors in Psychology in 2001 from Fort Valley State University located in Fort Valley Georgia. I have worked in corrections with adults and I have gained a vast amount of experience in the mental health field in the years since I completed my undergraduate degree. I have worked Day Treatment, been a mental health technician at a psychiatric residential treatment facility, group homes of all levels, as an intensive in-home therapist, mental health and substance abuse counselor, referral coordinator, and multisystemic services therapist. I enjoy helping and serving individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and mental health needs. I am currently a student seeking my master’s in marriage and family therapy with a projected completion date of March 2022.

I am married to my wife of 17 years and we have two children, a daughter age 12 and a son age 8. We also have two dogs. We enjoy spending time together, taking family vacations, and cooking together. I have aspirations of opening my own agency and helping individuals, couples, groups, and families with living productive and healthy lives