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2020-12-29 - kenneth riffell

Kenneth riffell, MA

My focus is on helping people improve their relationships. Whether you are struggling with a difficult relationship or want to make a good relationship great, I can help. I also help people with other issues, such as depression, grieving, and coping with stress, but my focus is on relationships. I recently completed my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and will be under the supervision of more senior therapists for the next two years.

I was a children and youth pastor for three years before enrolling in graduate school. I tend to approach people with humility and curiosity about who they are and why. I am a newly married millennial. If I am a good fit for your family, I anticipate we will enjoy working together. While I am happy to hold appointments with individuals, My focus is helping couples and families.

My Focus in Relationships

Our relationships are precious, but sometimes volatile. If you have some problems that are affecting your relationship to your partner, your parents, your children, or someone else who is important to you, then you may benefit from therapy.

What I Do

  • I help couples better understand their emotions. 
  • I help couples learn to connect in deeper ways as they better understand themselves and their partner.
  • I also help couples better understand roles and boundaries in their relationships.
  • I help people understand and place healthy boundaries.
  • I help facilitate changes that will lead towards better health and better relationships.