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What is a Licensed Professional Counselor?

Piedmont Counselor includes Licensed Professional Counselors (often referred to as an LPC) as team members who are licensed in the state of North Carolina. An LPC is a mental health professional who has completed a master’s degree in counseling, has completed several years of supervised practice, and has successfully passed the board examination for licensure. LPCs are qualified to treat mental health problems. LPCs provide a significant percentage of outpatient counseling services in the state of North Carolina and the United States and are well qualified to practice independently in a private practice setting.

Generally, LPCs study a variety of mental health problems and treatment methods during graduate school and then further specialize as they gain additional experience.  For example, nearly all LPCs would work well in helping someone who is coping with stress, whereas an LPC may specialize to become better equipped to help people with relationship problems or childhood trauma.  Piedmont Counseling Center is located in Kernersville, North Carlina.  Our current LPC team members include:

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