Understanding Depression and How Psychotherapy Helps


Sad Male You feel sad most days. You can’t seem to enjoy yourself. You aren’t sleeping well and don’t have enough energy. Are you depressed? Possibly, but you may also be appropriately grieving a difficult situation in your life. What is depression? How is depression different from sadness? What causes depression, and more importantly, what are my treatment options? Knowledge...[ read more ]

Marriage Counseling: Why Timing is Critical

Marriage Counseling:  Why Timing is Critical

Couple in Marriage CounselingMarriage counseling can be lifechanging. Couples have progressed from the brink of divorce to loving and strong relationships through marriage counseling. Several types of marriage therapy are research-based and successful (some studies have found a success rate of 75%). Why doesn’t marriage counseling work for some couples? Why should you care?What are the costs/benefits of marriage counseling?...[ read more ]

Emotional Support for Youth

[caption id="attachment_2566" align="alignnone" width="300"] young woman sitting alone[/caption] Youth (teens and adults under the age of 30) is a wonderful time in life.  This age group is facing unique challenges brought on by Covid-19 and other social factors.  A recent article in USA Today reported that young adults and teens (and especially young adults who are non-white) have experienced a...[ read more ]

Understanding Meditation

[caption id="attachment_2560" align="alignnone" width="300"] Meditation[/caption] Are you having problems with chronic pain?  Do you have sleep problems or anxiety?  Would you be interested in a treatment that does not involve medication or invasive medical procedures?  Healthcare research has demonstrated the benefits of meditation.  The following link provides a brief overview of some of the benefits of meditation as well as...[ read more ]

D-Day: Learning from Heroes

D-Day:  Learning from Heroes

Omaha BeachD-Day was one of the defining events of modern times. We can learn a great deal by studying history at a broad level, but there is another type of learning. Hearing from the experiences of men and woman of character can help us develop our character. One of the joys of working as a psychologist is to hear people’s...[ read more ]

Strained Relationships: What now?

Strained Relationships:  What now?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="734"] Strained Relationships[/caption]   Strained relationships can be extremely painful events. This blog post is focused on relationships among adults (including adult children). Some principles could be applied to minor children, but the focus here is on adults who are capable of choosing relationships for themselves. Perhaps a once close friend has gradually become big fight...[ read more ]

Couples Conflict: What is Fixable

  Couple Solving a Problem Together Couples conflict is inevitable. If you have been in an intimate relationship for any length of time, you know what it’s like to have conflict. You have probably argued about money, parenting, or what to do for the holidays. Some conflict is about important issues, while other conflict is mundane, but both types are...[ read more ]

Make the most of 2019

Make the most of 2019

It is still early in the new year. Are you off to a good start in 2019? We hope 2019 is a wonderful year for you. Contact us at Piedmont Counseling Center if you need support.

When Will I Start Feeling Better? Grieving for the First Time

One of the most devastating experiences we must endure in life is grieving the loss of a loved one. Although we have the knowledge that everyone will eventually die, and we logically understand the finality of death, no amount of information can prepare us for the devastation of the actual experience. Losing someone we love for the first time can...[ read more ]

Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness, and Mental Health

Chronic pain and chronic illness impacts millions of Americans, and has a direct impact on mental health. Data from the National Health Interview Survey (2012) reported that 25 million American Adults have experienced daily pain over the past 3 months. Estimates indicate that over 40% of US Adults have a chronic health condition. Examples of common chronic health problems include...[ read more ]

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