Couples Conflict: What is Fixable

  Couple Solving a Problem Together Couples conflict is inevitable. If you have been in an intimate relationship for any length of time, you know what it’s like to have conflict. You have probably argued about money, parenting, or what to do for the holidays. Some conflict is about important issues, while other conflict is mundane, but both types are...[ read more ]

Make the most of 2019

Make the most of 2019

It is still early in the new year. Are you off to a good start in 2019? We hope 2019 is a wonderful year for you. Contact us at Piedmont Counseling Center if you need support.

When Will I Start Feeling Better? Grieving for the First Time

One of the most devastating experiences we must endure in life is grieving the loss of a loved one. Although we have the knowledge that everyone will eventually die, and we logically understand the finality of death, no amount of information can prepare us for the devastation of the actual experience. Losing someone we love for the first time can...[ read more ]

Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness, and Mental Health

Chronic pain and chronic illness impacts millions of Americans, and has a direct impact on mental health. Data from the National Health Interview Survey (2012) reported that 25 million American Adults have experienced daily pain over the past 3 months. Estimates indicate that over 40% of US Adults have a chronic health condition. Examples of common chronic health problems include...[ read more ]

Spiritual Disciplines and Mental Health

Spiritual DisciplinesSpiritual disciplines refer to activities that foster healthy spirituality. These practices are similar to physical training in that they require consistency and effort, but when practiced, result in growth. Christians have engaged in spiritual disciplines from the faith's beginning. Examples of spiritual disciplines include:PrayerScripture ReadingSolitudeSimplicityActs of Charity and CompassionFastingConfessionGratitudeWhy Spiritual Disciplines MatterOur lives are busier than ever. Why would...[ read more ]

7 Tips for Getting Through a Breakup

No breakup is ever easy, but some breakups can make you feel like you’ve been sucker punched. And during those times, it can become sincerely difficult to see a way forward. Maybe your friends and family don’t seem to understand why you’re struggling so much, but you have every right to your feelings and your personal journey of mourning. (Because...[ read more ]

5 Tips for Making Friends in Midlife

For many people, middle age is the catalyst to take stock of life. The kids have flown the coop and there’s more time to reconsider your likes, dislikes, goal, and dreams.Middle age is also the time we tend to look around at our social circles. Are our friendships still there? Have we lost friends due to illness, a move, or...[ read more ]

Get Some Sleep! 5 Tips for Busting Through Your Insomnia

If you find yourself struggling to fall or stay asleep, you’re not alone. Insomnia, the chronic inability to get sufficient sleep, is a common problem affecting millions of Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2014 study, more than a third of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep on a daily basis.With a lack of sleep at the...[ read more ]

5 Signs You Aren’t Practicing Self-Care

Self-care is complex. Anyone can tell you to do it, but only you can bestow the gift of self-care onto yourself. But before you can begin bestowing, you’ve got to first recognize that you are worthy of caring for yourself as you do others.How do you do this? By noticing the ways in which you are currently not taking very good care of yourself.Here...[ read more ]

Marital Conflict Stopped by Empathy

All couples have conflict.  Disagreement is an inevitable aspect of being in a close relationship.  Some arguments become toxic.  Discord can become chronic.  When that happens, your relationship is in trouble. Feeling Stuck Have you felt like you are having the same argument over and over again?  This is is a sign that you would benefit from learning to improve...[ read more ]

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