Addiction: A Loving Wife’s Support

How a Loving Wife Supported Her Husband through Addiction — and Found Healing for Herself Photo: Pixabay   “I really learned that I’m human and people make mistakes. I learned to forgive ... I forgave myself for all of the hurting that I caused myself and my family.” - Shawn, Addiction Survivor and Proud Treehouse Grad   When we think...[ read more ]

Separation Anxiety back to school tips

The summer months are winding down and going back to school is quickly approaching. Children and teens are going to be going back to school, which can cause some general anxiety and some separation anxiety. Here are 5 tips to try to make the transition back to school a little bit easier. 1. Try a run through: Every teacher and...[ read more ]

Grieving Well: 5 Observations

Grieving touches us all if we live long enough.  2015 was a very difficult year for two families in my circle of friends. One of my former classmates at Olivet Nazarene University passed away unexpectedly. A few days later, the former youth pastor at my church in Winston-Salem, NC lost a loved one to a violent crime. Both of these...[ read more ]

Guilt: Understanding True vs False

[caption id="attachment_339" align="alignnone" width="680"] Businessman in Handcuffs[/caption] Guilt is a painful emotion.  Tom and Joe are two men in their 20s.  They are fictional characters but struggle with a similar issue that I have seen in many patients.  For our purposes, I will define guilt as a sad emotion in which a person feels that something about himself is wrong....[ read more ]

Relief from Panic Attacks

Roughly 2.7% of the adult population in the US during any given year meets diagnostic criteria for “Panic disorder”.  Many more individuals do not have panic disorder, but have panic attacks.  A panic attack is extreme fear, far beyond normal anxiety. Panic Attack Symptoms Fear of imminent death or severe medical event Rapid heart rate Rapid, shallow breathing Muscle tension...[ read more ]

How To Stop Any Marriage Fight

One of the first fights my wife and I had as a married couple was on my birthday in 1996, which is nearly 20 years prior to the date I published this blog post.  We had recently married, moved across the country, and started a new life together.  I was looking forward to my wife pampering me on my birthday. ...[ read more ]

6 Forgiveness Facts That May Change Your Life

By Dr. Dave Spriggs On March 21, 2016 · Add Comment photo by Iqbal Osman of  Why Forgiveness? Several years ago, a friend gave me a plant. The plant was special to me because it was a beautiful gardenia, but more importantly, the plant was gifted to me out of gratitude. The giver passed away about 6 months later....[ read more ]

Beat Stress And Negative Emotions Through Mindfulness

By Dr. Dave Spriggs On March 27, 2016 · Add Comment   photo by Heidi Forbes Öste of Are You Overwhelmed? You have so much to do that you can’t focus. You feel tense so often that it is “normal” for you. You feel like you can’t work any harder, yet you feel like you are spinning your wheels....[ read more ]

Recovering From Church Hurt

By Dr. Dave Spriggs On April 21, 2016 · Add Comment Church Hurt Many individual seek counseling as they are recovering from church hurt.  “Church hurt” is a relatively new term for me, but as someone who grew up attending church, the concept isn’t new.  Here is an example. A friend of mine will not attend church. He grew up...[ read more ]

Suicide Prevention – Middle Aged Men

  When we think of suicide, we often imagine a depressed teenager. They are volatile with unpredictable hormone levels and are the face of mental turmoil. However, middle-aged men are actually the rising statistic in death by suicide. White men, in particular, are rapidly becoming the most at-risk group for suicidal actions. A variety of factors are contributing to this...[ read more ]

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