Beat Stress And Negative Emotions Through Mindfulness

By Dr. Dave Spriggs On March 27, 2016 · Add Comment   photo by Heidi Forbes Öste of Are You Overwhelmed? You have so much to do that you can’t focus. You feel tense so often that it is “normal” for you. You feel like you can’t work any harder, yet you feel like you are spinning your wheels....[ read more ]

Recovering From Church Hurt

By Dr. Dave Spriggs On April 21, 2016 · Add Comment Church Hurt Many individual seek counseling as they are recovering from church hurt.  “Church hurt” is a relatively new term for me, but as someone who grew up attending church, the concept isn’t new.  Here is an example. A friend of mine will not attend church. He grew up...[ read more ]

Suicide Prevention – Middle Aged Men

  When we think of suicide, we often imagine a depressed teenager. They are volatile with unpredictable hormone levels and are the face of mental turmoil. However, middle-aged men are actually the rising statistic in death by suicide. White men, in particular, are rapidly becoming the most at-risk group for suicidal actions. A variety of factors are contributing to this...[ read more ]

Hobbies to Counteract Mental Illness: Cultivating Healthy Outlets

By Dr. Dave Spriggs On September 26, 2016 · Add Comment The following post is a guest blog post, written by Jennifer Scott. We are grateful for her contribution! An important part of coping with mental illness is choosing positive outlets for the difficult times. Too many people who struggle with mental illness will find themselves addicted to a substance...[ read more ]

Suicide Prevention and Awareness: What You Can Do

By Dr. Dave Spriggs On October 11, 2016 · Add Comment Photo via Pixabay by RyanMcGuire Suicide is a prominent issue in the United States, especially among young people; in fact, it’s the third leading cause of death for individuals ages 10-24. Raising awareness of this problem is important because often, there is a stigma surrounding suicide that makes people...[ read more ]

Keep The Holidays Stress-Free

On December 5, 2016 Photo via Pixabay by Gellinger Holiday Stress Holiday stress is a problem.  For many people, the joys of the holidays must be tempered with the stress and anxiety that often comes along with them. Shopping, planning, traveling, and spending time with family members we don’t see often can all take a toll on our emotions and...[ read more ]

Mood Problems and Activity

Mental Health And Activity Activity is critical to overcoming anxiety, depression, and other mood problems. If you are having mood problems, take the time to digest this information and develop a pleasant events schedule for yourself. In this blog post, I will point out some reasons why mental health and activity are closely related and that healthy activity also helps to...[ read more ]

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