Dr. Dave Spriggs, Psy.D.

Choosing the mental health professional who will serve you best is extremely important in meeting your goals.  Choosing the right person isn’t as simple as looking at your therapist’s work history or education.  Although your therapist’s qualifications are important, it is also very important that you feel comfortable working with your therapist.  I hope this information will help you decide if I may be a good fit for your needs.


I am psychologist licensed in North Carolina.  I remember the first time I provided psychotherapy in 1993 as part of supervised training in my MA in psychology program.  After I completed my MA in psychology in 1994, I worked for 2 years in the mental health field before entering a doctorate program in clinical psychology at Wheaton College (accredited by the American Psychological Association).  The focus of my studies in my doctorate program was in the provision of psychotherapy to adults and incorporating Christian Spirituality into the counseling process.  

I completed an internship at the VA Medical Center in Salisbury, NC and have worked full time as a psychologist since 2001.  I am a member of the American Psychological Association, and the Christian Association of Psychological Studies.   I have taught college courses in psychology, published in professional journals, and also lectured at professional conferences.  I a network provider for several insurance panels and am also a primary counseling referral source for the North Carolina West District of the Wesleyan Church, and in this role, have supported a number of pastors and helped evaluate newly ordained clergy.  

Speciality Areas

While people see me for many different reasons, I focus on three primary areas.  I help people with relationship issues, such as marriage counseling and premarital counseling.  I use a type of couples therapy that is well-researched known as the Gottman Method.  Couples therapy tends to be more challenging than many other forms of therapy and understanding the type of therapy your counselor practices, and whether there is research that supports benefits is important for your success.  The Gottman Method focuses on enhancing the friendship in relationships through increasing positive emotion.

Another focus area for me is helping people cope with difficult emotions, such as depression, anxiety, stress, and anger.  I generally use a type of therapy known as cognitive-behavioral therapy.  This style of treatment focuses on teaching people to change negative thoughts and behaviors that perpetuate mood problems.  Cognitive behavioral therapy is well-researched in the treatment of mood problems.

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