Piedmont Counseling Center’s New Website

Piedmont Counseling Center has launched a new website. Our hope is that for our existing patients, our new website will be easier to navigate and helpful in finding needed resources. We also hope that new and prospective patients will be able to find us more easily and contact us more readily.

Our first website launched in 2013 and was relatively simple, as Dr. Spriggs was our only staff person at the time. As we added staff and changed locations, we launched a new website (with updates in 2018). Launching a new website is costly and time-consuming. So why a new website in 2021?

In 2019 and 2020, we have had a renewed emphasis on providing psychotherapy through tele-health (provision of psychotherapy through video and phone services), counseling at no cost and on training practicum students. These pursuits may seem varied in focus. They all require training and resource allocation, but they are complementary.

The pandemic has required tele-health services. Practicum students do not charge for their services. While there is no fee for seeing a practicum student, they provide quality psychotherapy services and are under the supervision of our licensed staff. This enables us to provide care to patients who aren’t able to afford counseling.

Our community has a greater need for mental health services than ever before. The pandemic, divisions in our society, and lack of community have all contributed to this need. We hope that our new website will help us reach more people and allow for easier access to our services. Thanks so much for taking the time to follow us.

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