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Christian Counseling

If you are a Christian, it doesn’t mean that you don’t face struggles. Christians have emotional problems, unhealthy habits, relationship problems, and stress as everyone does. As a Christian, your spiritual life is a tremendous source of encouragement, but just as you need a medical doctor’s help, in some situations, you will benefit from a counselor’s help.

How Can Christian Counseling Help Me?

Christians struggle too.

A Christian Counselor is a licensed mental health professional, but also has education and experience in integrating Christian faith with the counseling process. Effective counseling is very similar regardless of religious (or non-religious) background. However, individuals and couples generally want to talk with someone who will be supportive of their values and spirituality.

For example, guilt can be a destructive emotion when a person hates themselves. Some counselors may help their patients change their perspective on guilt. However, from a Christian perspective, guilt, while painful, can lead to positive transformation when it leads a person to correct negative behaviors, or to seek forgiveness.

Your church may be the place where you want to worship, but you may have been hurt by the pastor or another church member. Counseling may be the only safe place for you to discuss your hurt. The easy answer would be for you to stop attending, but life decisions aren’t always easy and at times you may feel conflicted.

A Christian Counselor will be sensitive to such issues. Many individuals who seek counseling may want to incorporate spiritual disciplines into their lives (such as practices discussed in Richard Foster’s book “Celebration of Discipline”), and if you have similar aims, working with a counselor who is aware of these practices can be very helpful in meeting your goals.

Contact Us For Christian Counseling

Our counselors have advanced training in theology, as well as training in how to integrate Christian Faith with the counseling process. As licensed mental health professionals, our staff uses research-based methods of treating mental health issues and will work with anyone we have the privilege of serving (regardless of faith perspective).

If you would like to explore how Christian Counseling may be a good fit for your situation, please call us at 336-293-7406 or send us a message through our scheduling page.