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Treating depression is one of our specialty areas at Piedmont Counseling Center.

Depression is a significant health problem in which feelings of sadness are much more intense, long lasting, and frequently experienced than normal discouragement (which we all experience at times in our lives). Depression impacts happiness and peace of mind, but also impairs functioning, such as poor work performance or withdrawal from social life.

example symptoms

of depression

  • feeling sad most days
  • low energy
  • problems falling asleep or staying asleep
  • not feeling rested
  • low motivations
  • inability to enjoy life
  • low sex drive
  • irritability
  • poor concentration and memory

depression has many factors

Depression is caused by a combination of genetics and life experiences. Our biology leads to either resilience to depression or vulnerability to depression. Our genetics alone do not determine depression, however. Some individuals have genetic potential for depression, but never get depressed. Our life experiences and how we have learned to cope have a very significant impact on depression.

If you believe you are depressed, there are two broad categories of treatment.

Medical treatment of depression is often helpful and becomes more crucial, depending on the severity of the depressive disorder. If you pursue medical treatment, it is possible that your primary care provider (or family doctor) will be able to provide treatment. In some cases, your primary care provider may want to refer you to a physician who specializes in mental health treatment, known as a psychiatrist. Physicians have a number of methods of treating depression and the most common is prescribing medication. Medication is a research-based method of treating depression that can be very effective.

While medication is helpful for many patients, it does not help everyone. Research suggests that most individuals who have mild to moderate depression benefit more from psychotherapy alone, and individuals who have moderate to severe depression benefit most from a combination of medical treatment and psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is the second category of treatment and involves talking with a mental health professional who will provide emotional support and guidance in overcoming depression. There are many types of psychotherapy. Research has found cognitive behavioral therapy to be particularly effective in treating depression. This type of therapy involves changing negative thinking patterns and learning positive behaviors.

While research-based methods of treating depression are effective and important, good therapy involves more than simply teaching. For you to benefit from therapy, you must feel comfortable with your therapist and trust that your therapist is working for your welfare. Our staff at Piedmont Counseling Center is completely dedicated to providing excellent patient care. You will find us to be friendly and approachable. Our goal is to understand you, help you heal, and make you feel cared for in your recovery process.

Scheduling an appointment with our staff is easy. You may call us at 336-293-7406. You may also view our scheduling page to send us a message.

We look forward to helping you overcome depression and being able to enjoy life to its fullest.