Psychiatry Services

Psychiatry Services


Are you having difficulty regulating your mood?  Do you find that even though you have worked hard to improve your ability to cope with stress, your mood continues to be unstable?  Have you been diagnosed with a mental health condition that has been treated with medication?  You may want to consider psychiatry services.

Psychiatry:  An Investment in Your Health

Research in the mental health field has demonstrated that medication can be an extremely important aspect of mental health treatment.  Some individuals who experience depression, anxiety or elevated mood are not able to experience the recovery they desire without medical treatment.  Fortunately, more and more primary care doctors are willing to incorporate medication for mood into overall treatment for wellness.  However, primary care doctors are not experts in mental health medications.  Psychiatrists do have this expertise.  If you had a problem with your foot, your primary doctor would be able to treat it to an extent, but if you did not experience the recovery you needed, at some point, you would likely be referred to see a podiatrist.  A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has extensive training and expertise in mental health.

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Dr. Olga Thompson provides mental health treatment to adults.  If you have mental health concerns, psychiatry care can be an extremely important investment in your wellbeing.  Please contact us at Piedmont Counseling Center.  Our office manager, Anne Staley, can answer questions about our services and help you schedule an appointment with Dr. Thompson.  Dr. Thompson currently only provides psychiatry services to adults.

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